" Discover the first BLNKS Essentials "
BLNKS Concept
Giulia Shoemaker
We create unique pieces
uniting traditional craftmanship
with modern, minimalist designs
Delivered in 28 days
following your order
Handcrafted in Italy
Essential 101
#perfectionbyyou Each sneaker tells a story... Why don't you tell yours?
Discover BLNKS
" Exclusive unisex sneakers. Handcrafted with passion in Italy, using the utmost quality material. "
Discover BLNKS

Excellence is the only thing that satisfies us, we accept nothing else. By supporting you in the creation of your sneaker masterpiece, we help you bring your vision to life. Excellence is sought in the materials we use and the production process of our sneakers, with a constant search for sustainability (short delivery routes - compliance with ecological and species conservation rules). This requires trusted partners who share our vision. BLNKS is therefore constantly working with these partners to make the BLNKS product unique and exclusive. Our Italian manufacture is a family-owned business. Working with small businesses allows us to build a relationship of mutual trust and to find unique expertise from passionate individuals. This clever mix of tradition and modernity will make you love your BLNKS! Wearing the BLNKS you created, you will feel proud of finally being able to express yourself and show the world who you really are!