1. Why would BLNKS sneakers fit me?

BLNKS is a unisex Sneaker brand who aims to empower people to be there own designer. 

Confused because you don’t find shoes for men / shoes for women? That’s because we think that no colourway should be dedicated to one gender. You feel tired of seeing everyone in the street wearing the exact same shoe because it is hyped? You want something unique and different? BLNKS is just the right brand for you! No need to be a confirmed artist to enjoy BLNKS. We are aware that designing his own shoe can be scary; hence we created a very simple and smooth process to help you unleash your creativity.

2. How can I purchase a Product?

You have two possible ways to buy a BLNKS:

(1) You have the opportunity to design your own shoe or change some details of an existing design. Simply according to our motto "perfection by you", you can use the online-configurator to create your own personalized shoe. Therefore the configurator guides you step by step through your order and supports you on the way to your customized shoe. Afterwards just add you created sneaker to the card and follow the check out process.

(2) You can choose a shoe designed by us. Then you have nothing else to do but choose your size and add the shoe to your shopping cart and follow the check out process.

3. Do I have to open a personal account?  

You do not need a customer account for your purchase. The registration has some advantages for you. You can see your previous orders; your next purchase is faster due to the stored data; You can create your personal wish list and you will be invited to events. Furthermore you can manage the newsletter subscriptions and your user information at any time.

4. What can I do if my password get lost? 

If you forget your password, you can easily restore it. To do this, go to "Forgot our password?" via "My Account" and follow the instructions. You will be sent a new, temporary password by e-mail, which you can change at any time via the "My Account" button.

5. Quelles tailles proposez-vous? 

Our shoe sizes are basically based on the Italian shoe size system (see shoe size chart on the detail product pages) If a model is larger or smaller, you will find a note under "Product Information" for the respective model.

6. How fast I am getting my Product? 

Every Sneaker will be individually produced after you have placed the Order: After receiving your order, it takes about four weeks for the shoe to arrives.

7. How I know that you received my Order? 

Once your order is received, you will receive a confirmation email from us. In it the order will be listed again in detail for you.

8. How do I get my invoice? 

We will send you the invoice for your order by e-mail. You also have the option to download it as a pdf-document for your personal records.

9. Can I create a Wishlist? 

If you have registered with a customer account, you can always create a wish list and plan your next shoe in advance. The wishlist is stored in your customer account and you can edit it at any time or decide to buy the shoe.

10. Can I return my unique piece of BLNKS sneakers?

Every shoe is a unique piece! Because we start to produce directly after receiving your order and the shoe is exclusively adapted to you, the exchange is excluded. We ask for your understanding. If you are absolutely not satisfied with your pair of BLNKS please contact us and we will try to find solution. 

11. Can I modify or cancel an order? 

Unfortunately, once you have placed your order and received the confirmation email from us, you will not be able to make any changes or cancel the order as a whole. This fact results from the fact that each shoe is made individually for you and is a unique piece. But again, please contact us and, if possible, we will try to find solution.

12. Can you SUPPORT me with the designing process if i am not sure? 

You are not alone while ordering! Many questions about designing your perfect shoe can already be answered by our online-configurator. If you still have problems or questions regarding your order, you can always reach us by e-mail or during our business hours by phone.



13. Where do BLNKS leathers come from? 

Our leathers are sourced in Europe, most of them in Italy. We work with other tanneries, in France, Germany, Island. We are always seeking to work with suppliers who share our values.

14. Where are my BLNKS sneakers produced ? 

We are producing our Sneaker with a lot of passion in middle of Italy directly in the heart of Italian shoe manufacturing. Our family manufacturing company offering all their experience for your unique Sneaker piece. 

15. What if my BLNKS sneakers get hurt? 

For a Sneaker it is a hard world outside and from time to time even our BLNKS Sneakers getting hurt. But no worries! We developed a solution to replace the Outsole what is most often the main reason why Sneakers getting replaced after some years or even months of wearing them. If we should take care about your BLNKS Sneakers just contact us under info@blnks.de.

We want you to have fun with our product over years!