Who are we?

Who are we?

Malte (right on the picture), sneakerhead since his youngest age, founded BLNKS in 2016. "I spent my vacation in Italy for how long as I can remember, getting inspired by an Italian culture where shoes are omnipresent. Sitting near the marketplace of Desenzano, I used to observe the unusual yet stylish outfits. Outfits transcended by the cleverly selected footwear. This attention to detail left me a long-lasting impression. At BLNKS, we try to convey a kind of “joie de vivre” and offer a bit of this shoe tradition through our sneakers. My motivation is to create design that will be sources of inspiration for BLNKS community, as much as it is for me. Individuality is key to me, as everyone has its own sense of style! I am always excited by new things and looking for innovative design ideas."

Frederik (middle on the picture): "Malte and I have been friends forever. Already at school we could not be separated, much to the discontent of our teachers… The BLNKS adventure started for me in 2017 when I came home from Australia. I was impressed by the unique feeling Malte conveyed with his designs. We are steadily developing since then, always trying to improve. My main goal is to make our concept available and enjoyable for all! I’m always looking for new ways of approaching the sneaker market, to offer something new to people. This motivates me everyday."

Alex (left on the picture): "I discovered BLNKS during my year at a British university, during which I met Frederik. During the 8 months we spent together there, he shared the vision they had for this project and I got intrigued. I took my decision when meeting Malte during a weekend in London. I was impressed by his minimalistic and detailed vision of style! Joining this adventure, I was excited about the idea to support Malte’s vision by finding innovative materials and technologies to create new designs. BLNKS has the potential in the future to cleverly use state-of-the-art technology to produce luxury sneakers."

Unique sneakers

BLNKS offers fully customisable made-to-order high end sneakers, following your desires and matching your vision of perfection. Our wide range of unisex designs will follow you everywhere. A meticulous work has been carried out to ensure an incredible comfort and durability to our sneakers. Hence, your BLNKS sneakers will accompany you during all the important steps of your life.

Our Values

Excellence is the only thing that satisfies us, we accept nothing else. By supporting you in the creation of your sneaker masterpiece, we help you bring your vision to life. Excellence is sought in the materials we use and the production process of our sneakers, with a constant search for sustainability (short delivery routes - compliance with ecological and species conservation rules). This requires trusted partners who share our vision. BLNKS is therefore constantly working with these partners to make the BLNKS product unique and exclusive. Our Italian manufacture is a family-owned business. Working with small businesses allows us to build a relationship of mutual trust and to find unique expertise from passionate individuals. This clever mix of tradition and modernity will make you love your BLNKS! Wearing the BLNKS you created, you will feel proud of finally being able to express yourself and show the world who you really are!